Can online learning be a disruptive technology? Certainly yes! Going by the rapid strides education has taken in this century, we can clearly say that online learning has completely changed the very meaning of education.

Our lives are overpowered by technology, computers, and gadgets. They have helped us achieve a million possible things that were not even possible in the last century. And education is one sector that is benefiting vastly out of these rapid advancements in technology. These technologies help us even for the small things such as creating the best gaming mouse 2017.

The Internet has caused a major revolution in the way we communicate and exchange information. It has made learning come into an entirely different dimension. Here are a few ways that technology has made asignificant impact and changed the whole education sector.

  • Learning is now not confined to a school or college. Any student, be it a 10-year-old or a 60-year-old, can now study and learn online. Thanks to the various online courses available, education is now not limited by age.
  • Skill development is an essential factor that many people should invest in so that they are in sync with the latest technologies. Many working professionals feel the need to upgrade their skills. And many online teaching aids have come to their rescue. Without sacrificing their jobs, these professionals are able to upgrade their skills and are industry ready.
  • At the school level, tablets, computers and other related hardware have made teaching an entirely new experience. Gone are the conventional teaching methods. The blackboard has been replaced by a smart class. There is a thirst for knowledge that is being satiated by the new avenues presenting themselves before students.
  • Communication between the teacher and the student is now more open. A true teacher has to accessible to a student, most of the time. Thanks to the inventions like WhatsApp and other forms of social media, it is a connected network between the teacher and the students.
  • It is now a global audience. Any assignments or project can be shared easily with many people globally, opening up a number of opportunities.
  • Video conferences, Skype and Digital Whiteboards have made online learning a completely different experience. Boundaries between countries and continents are being erased. Teachers and students from across the borders are able to communicate and share knowledge.
  • Online tutoring has invaded the online space of education. Students can now study at their time and convenience. There is no hesitation is seeking information. The different technologies enable students to save the online sessions, which can then be accessed offline.
  • Learning a new hobby or a new course can be easily achieved with online learning. It is said that learning is a continuous process. And the different technologies are aiding superbly in this continuous comprehensive learning process.
  • The presence of online libraries and e-books has changed the way we access information. Today, information is at the tip of our fingers. Accessing information and gaining knowledge has become really easy.

We can fairly conclude that technology is certainly aiding in the process of education and learning. Students are able to realize their full potential. Working professionals are able to upgrade their skills. Quality education has become more accessible to wide strata of people.

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