Earning And Income: Mean Same, Yet Different

Earning And Income: Mean Same, Yet Different

Generally, the words earning and income are both used as a synonymous of one another, but one thing to know is that there are different types of income as well are earnings whose meaning is also different.

Earnings with respect to a business we can define as, the profit that the business has earned for a particular amount of time. The income statement of the company enlists earnings sum in the form of net income. You can earn income through trading, see the source. Whenever there is a reference to a company’s earnings by investors, it means that they are mentioning about the net income of the company or the profit earned in that period. In a similar manner, an income of the company is also considered as the net income of the company or profit made.

Understanding Net Income

Net income of the business is calculated by subtracting all the expenditures done by the company from total revenue and after this whatever amount remains will become the profits earned by the company. Generally, the expenses that a company might have are as follows:

  • Paying rate of interest for a loan taken.
  • Selling expenses, administrative expenses and general expenses which are overhead expenses.
  • Paying income taxes.
  • Devaluation
  • Work expenses like, rents, salaries and utility expenses.

The income that is not the straight result of selling of goods and services are also included in the earnings and net income. Such income may consist of proceeds got from selling assets or division and gains got from the rate of interest on the investments made.

The company’s concluding line in its income statement there is always reference of both net income as well as earning since it is the profits that are made by the company after paying all the costs involved in the business.

On the other hand, revenue is on top of the company’s income statement and it should not be jumbled with net income and earnings because revenue is the total amount before the deduction of expenses that is earned by the company in a period of time.

Types of earnings are income

  • Retained earnings: It is a progressive total profit or net income that is kept aside by the company in order to be utilized in the future.
  • Earnings per share: It is a portion of a profit made by a company that is allotted to every stock that is outstanding of a common stock.
  • Investment income: It is a source through which a company earns money as well as an individual who has done investment can earn income.

Tips To Attract The Clients

Tips To Attract The Clients

The client or the customer is the main source for the success of the business. So, the businessmen should first try to fascinate them by following some tips given by the experienced professional businessmen. Let us have a look at these tips and follow any one of them for our business and increase the count of the clients.

  1. Offer them free:

When we give something free to the people, they will definitely get attracted. The same thing works in all the ways. So, try to provide free offers to the customers and attract them towards our business. When one customer gets satisfied, they will spread it with all the people and obviously, we will get more and more customers.

  1. Social media:

The most powerful way to attract the clients is via social media. When we give an advertisement in social media, it will automatically reach millions of people and so the people will come forward and do a search for our business. This is one of the best ways to attract the clients.

  1. Distribute the flyers:

Many small businessmen who want to grow their business will print some flyers and plan to distribute it among the propel. So, everyone will have an eye on it and reach us to know about our business products and services. But this is quite costly because to print it we have to spend some money, but we will definitely get back that amount from the customers.

  1. Go with less profit:

When we are new to the business, we should not focus on the profits, instead, we should focus on the number of clients. So, sell the products for less amount so that the clients will get impressed and come to us to get more products. Thus we can improve our number of clients and also our business status.

  1. Discounts:

The customers will definitely look forward to the business with much discounts and offers. So, try to give more discounts and avail the business products with offers. Hence we can get an infinite number of clients.


Thus conclude that increasing the customers will make our business to grow rapidly. Because without customers there is no need of running the business. So, always do the necessary things which will make them get attracted to us and our business. We should try to feel them very comfortable without customer service.

Types of investment segments

Types of investment segments

Investment is nothing but the depositing some fund in some business to yield more and more profits. The investors should be capable of accepting both the incomes and the expenses. Because the business will fall or rise depending on the demands of the market. So, the investors should not feel down for the losses. The investment is also a source of getting profits in life. There are many types of segments available in investment. Let us take a look at those types below. Most of the people think that savings and the investment are similar. But that is not the true fact, the investment and saving are different from each other. Saving is the process of accumulating the fund and investment is making the fund secured.

Investment is broadly classified into two types.

  1. Traditional
  2. Alternative

Traditional investment:

When an investment is made in a financial product which is very familiar and well known. These investments include real estate, shares, and bonds.


A bond is something like an asset which is issued by the borrower to the lender. Bonds are the best investment to earn more profit by the public and private sector people as the bank will not lend the bond. The bonds will be sold to the public in the market for more amount and the lender will pay the amount to the seller of the bond. An interest will be given to the investors by the lender of the bond. Bonds are very safe to invest since the bonds generally fall below the debt category.


Stocks are the shares which will be issued to the public people by the company. Stocks are an important avenue for the investment. The return profit from the stock is always higher than the other investment tools. Stocks is divided into two types.

  1. Common stocks
  2. Preferred stocks

Saving scheme:

Saving is the best thing to live peacefully and happily. There are now many saving schemes available in the market like Employee provident fund, Sukanya samriddhi scheme, and national pension scheme. All saving schemes are usually established by the government for the welfare of the people.

Employee provident fund:

Employee provident fund is almost going on in many government and private companies. Some percentage of the amount of the basic pay is deducted from the employees and the same percentage of the amount will be given by the company for the employees.

National pension scheme:

Pension scheme was introduced mainly for the government employees and once they retire, they will get the pension amount on a regular monthly basis.


Thus conclude that investment is the best way to keep the fund in a safe and secure manner. So, the investors can also use some software for helping them how to invest and get more profit.

Why Is Gold Considered To Be Precious And Why Do Investors Prefer To Invest Into This Commodity?

Why Is Gold Considered To Be Precious And Why Do Investors Prefer To Invest Into This Commodity?

Gold is a valuable metal and it has been considered so since ancient times. Many investors have gold in their portfolio.

Gold is not a rare metal and it is neither very useful in industries but it is still very valuable. Even though gold is not rare still it is difficult to extract gold in large amounts with the existing technology. Gold is also resistant to corrosion and can be worked upon easily and this is why this metal is desired. Gold is also used as a decorative piece.

Gold is not destructible and does not tarnish. It also doesn’t dissolve in the normal acids and this is why gold had been used as a currency in earlier times.

Gold has no utility but even then central banks hold a large chunk of gold. Why are they doing so?

Gold has properties that make it useful to be used as money. When there was a need for a standardized money then gold was used. This increased the demand for gold.

The chemical properties of gold stood out and this was thus used as the standard money. It could also be stored and was ideal for the purpose.

Gold also has an appeal that makes it very attractive to the human eye. This is why gold gained popularity because it was captivating. This has still not changed and gold is stills seen as a very attractive precious metal.

Gold history

Once the gold was used to trade freely, the price of gold has always been in an uptrend, at least for a very long time. The purchasing power of gold also increased. Paper currency which was set up as a gold currency alternative is backed by gold. Gold is thus still a good investment so because it acts as insurance in case there is an economic turmoil.

No counterparty risk

Gold does not have any backing and thus it can never go to zero in value nor can it default. With no counterparty risk, you do not need to worry about someone keeping their promise and fulfilling a contract. With stocks and mutual funds, there is a third party involved but not when it comes to physical gold.

Financial advantage

There is no shelf life for gold nor does it have any time limit. Gold is portable, liquid, convenient, and private and cannot be negated or counterfeited. This is something that none others can brag about or one can just invest on trading robots like Bitcoin Code which would reap equal profits.


Ripple vs Stelar

Ripple vs Stelar

The debate on who is better stellar or Ripple has got reignited again with the recent news and developments. If it is thought solely in terms of price increase Stellar will obviously get an advantage. Even if the price increase and popularity among the potential investors soar still the question prevails: who is better Stellar or Ripple?

In the last seven days XLM has traded $0.29 against US dollar and have gained 35%, the Ripple price remains $0.50 and is struggling to get an uptrend.

What makes Stellar strong?

Stellar is receiving good news in a row for last few days.

First, one of the biggest trading platforms of US has decided to add it to the list of tradeable assets. They have designed a very lucrative prospective for XLM and if it happens there will be a price explode as they see potential in the coin. The critics are saying that the platform may have added XLM seeing its low price and popularity.

There will be a massive price rise of XLM as it is becoming accessible to 13 million because of this addition. XLM is also going to get added with one of the famous money transfer App this will expose it to the user of Europe and Latin America. Because of this venture, it will become primary channel for USD- EUR transfer.

It has also acquired Sharia complaint certification, as a result, it has become accessible to the Islamic world. Now many countries from the Middle East and Southeast Asia can access Stellar network. As of now, Stellar is hot and its price could also skyrocket.

Why could ripple also be an option?

It is not listed on the top exchanges, but it does not matter to the third largest coin. But the partnering companies are always finding out innovative ways to increase the coin adoption. the Spring initiative will add up several new features to the native token so that it becomes more attractive. However, ripple lab executives are of the opinion that whatever happens does not matter but Ripple is here to stay. If we look from the adoption point of view Ripple price is more likely to increase.

Who is better Stellar or Ripple?

By no way answer to the argument can be reached as people from both the community will have their own opinion and evidence to prove their point. Although after recent developments Stellar will get some advantage. The rest of 2018 will be defining the fate of these two coins especially from the regulatory point of view. Click Bitcoin Code to know more.






Ways to improve your business

Do you own a business? Looking dull on the side? Well, the tough competition and the knowledge and exposure of the customers has put the businessmen on the rocky patch. Not all businesses thrive well, just like others. every business has its own rough times and hardships to encounter, you need to stay calm and get in some new strategies to keep going.

Though your company has 1000 employees, or 50, the strategy to run a business remains the same. So, if you are looking to improve your business, then read on for few simple and efficient tips that can help you.

Have goals set at the beginning:

Yes, you need to know where you should reach! Without the destination defined, you will probably get lost in the path. Set goals, defined ones at the beginning of the business and use them in the process, access your levels and redefine your path, not the goal. keep objectives too, to stay in the process, assess every quarterly or half-yearly about your progress and stay in the path.

Keep a tab on your cash:

For any business to thrive its important to have a tab on all your expenses and shortcomings. Never let any penny go out unnoticed and stay blind to even a penny. Remain wise and make a note of every dollar spent, for anything and everything, be it your meal, or a fund for any employee. In case you find it difficult, and fall short of skill, never hesitate to take the help of a financial accountant, they come for a charge, but worth investing.

If you are looking to grow your money further, then you may invest your surplus cash on cryptocurrencies and reap the benefits it provides in a short span of time. This is the source that you can refer, to join the crypto investing club.

Marketing techniques:

Use efficient marketing techniques to propagate your products or services. There are many ways to do marketing that finally end up in money wastage. Never go for inefficient ways of marketing, keep changing when they don’t seem to work. always have cheap and efficient ideas and tricks for marketing.

Stay in trends:

Trends keep changing according to global impact and various factors, and to keep your business going, you need to stay on the trends, know the latest in your industry and see what changes it would make if you implemented or just have the knowledge.


Should You Invest in Bank Stocks?

Should You Invest in Bank Stocks?

The concept of saving money and using it for the future need is a habit inculcated from the growing up years of individuals, the more money saved today by an average salaried person, the closer is your retirement years. Saving the money in traditional banks in return of a fixed interest and a certificate of deposit was a thing of past, today the investors are willing to take more risk and invest outside the traditional method of piling the money in a bank, who in turn are investing outside their realm into equity markets.

The dire necessity of funds, takes us to the bank, knowing that the interest rates will be lesser than other forms of borrowing, however little did we know that the underlying loans of the banks amount to more than 40 percentage, a mere 1 percent is kept in the reserve by the management. At the end of every fortnight, it is the quality of the bank’s loan portfolio and their potential to make all the loans good.

Considering the exposure of the banks that have a major influence in the markets, buying the stocks of the bank could serve the long-term fund requirements, using the Bitcoin Code software.  The major signals of banking stocks form the top brokers could indicate a better way to hold the banking stocks, the software Bitcoin Code, not only gives the updated stocks trending in the crypto markets, they also provide the conversion into fiat currency that can be used to buy traditional bank stocks from the profitable venture in crypto stock markets.

Trading in stocks with lower PE ratio is more like a double-edged sword; the returns could be fabulous in the long term, however, the volatility over a period of three to five years could exhaust the investor confidence and exit out with huge losses. Holding the funds in the tax-advantaged account will be far more result oriented than investing in short-term highly fluctuating banking stocks. The performance of the banks in terms of revenue and regardless of the fact on their lending rates, there should be enough confidence to keep the money locked into the bank account.

Comparing the results quickly and the loss reserve between two or more banking stocks will give a better picture to stay further in a portfolio or diversify into better performing funds to maintain a better approach to invest in banking stocks over a period of time.

Pay off Student Loans with Cryptocurrency

                                Pay off Student Loans with Cryptocurrency

Believing in something bigger gives the source of sustenance and growth, which is desired by all today. Keeping the fear to enter into unchartered path gives a boost to the self-confidence of an individual to perform better and come out victorious. The path to success is not easy by any means, but the continuous attempt to win is the real effort, this is how the cryptocurrency world today has paved its way to reach the galaxy, as more young talents join the workforce there is one common debt these students have to shoulder the student loans which are surmounting.

Offering initiatives to pay back their loans on time gives them the added advantage to perform well in their current organizations, however, not all are lucky. The current level of debts which the US is facing is critical and there seems to be no anvil to devise new ways to work around to offload the student loan debts which is eating away a big chunk of the economic resources. the dependence on the current employability and means of earnings to repay the loans look to be a costly affair.

Their dependence on an alternate source of earning to repay the debts as fast as possible is through the online trading platforms offer the automated trading robot features which are helpful for beginners to trade in the websites like Bitcoin Code having unique features of trading with a minimal investment and then building upon the funds to trade online. The strong pressure to be educated and get a good degree has made students be dependent on looking to earn through the crypto world, which is dynamic and promising for the young talented minds.

The employer-sponsored programs are there to help the students who are high in their performance level both in the company as well as in the academics, the average students are devoid of such opportunities, which pulls them into the world of Crypto trading, and coin currency exchanges, which can be converted to dollar equivalent. Repayment is the biggest worry for the student in the current period, they have no way to even think about how the retirement years are going to be survived on, this is a huge challenge for the millennial students who are trapped between paying off student loans or save for the future.

The future looks bright for the students who have taken a balanced approach to make the hay while the sun is shining on the cryptocurrency world, pay off their debts and save for their future from their employable jobs.


Budgeting- how to sue money

Is there anyone who will run a family without putting budget? No one. Then how it will be possible to run a business without budgeting if we are not able to run a family without it.

Budgeting is an important strategy in business. Budgeting is generally the plan we are making to spend less than our earnings. We should have budget both for the short term and the long term. No people will like those who live a life with a budget. But, it is the right way to have a happy life. It is same as diet, the only thing is diet is for eating and budgeting is for spending. But both are difficult to manage. It is not mandatory in every business. It is based on the businessmen and if they wish to have a budget, they can have to achieve great success. But, it plays a vital role in business success. Budgeting will make us take prior decisions and we will not get any confusions as we already know the plan. A budget will never disturb our freed, it is usually trying to give us freedom.

Types of the budget:

There are many types of budgeting in business and finance. Let us learn more about it here.

  1. Master budget
  2. Cash budget
  3. Operating budget
  4. Program budget
  5. Financial budget
  6. Static budget
  7. Capital expenditure budget
  8. Flexible budget

Tips for budgeting:

  • Budget to zero:

We should start budgeting on the first of every month so that we can know what will be the savings for that month. This is generally named as zero budgeting because in the month end we will have zero amount in our hand after calculating all incomes and expenses.

  • Do the budget together:

If we are married, it is our responsibility to have a discussion with our spouse before start budgeting and if it is a business, the business partners together should put the budget for the month to reach their goals.

  • Pay off the debt:

This is the most important tip in budgeting. Paying debt should be the first priority for the businessmen because then they can run the business without any stress.

  • Teamwork:

Budgeting should be a team work so that everyone can give their suggestions of how they reach the success easily and quickly. Teamwork finally pays, so it is always the best way to put budget discussing with the team.

  • Use online budget tools:

There are many online budget tools available in the market. We can learn more about it by making a quick search. Those budget tools will help us to put a clear budget so that there will be no misunderstanding in the business.


Thus conclude that though we put the budget on a monthly basis, it is in the hands of the businessmen to follow the budget and reach greater heights in their own business. Following the budget is not an easy task, it is too difficult to carry out the budget strategy in business.


The Glorious Era of Bitcoin Business

Devoting incredible efforts, money and time has always been the mantra to be successful and earn good amount of money for a luxurious standard of living. However, how would you react if you realize that all these parameters can be lowered impressively without hampering the total profits of your business? Isn’t surprising it? Well, that is the charm of the modern bitcoin business in today’s progressive financial market.

In the current trading system, instead of the huge amount of money and hundreds of working hours, what we all need to invest first is known about this beneficial business and how it functions for fruitful returns.

The Industry and How it Works

The industry of bitcoin exchange is concerned with the opportunity of exchanging and trading bitcoins for fiat currencies. It can also be exchanged with other digital currencies. In addition to this, the companies offering these services also provide a site for the clients to store their bitcoins. This electronically held digital currency is not controlled by anyone. Instead of being printed on papers, these currencies are rather produced by people working on computers with the help of high-end software.

The mechanism of this industry is not like that of stock markets. There are uncountable exchanges that function all across the globe all the time. As there is no certified Bitcoin exchange, there is also no particular Bitcoin price either. This leads to exchanges staying within the same price range despite arbitrage possibilities in the business.

Myths vs. Reality

Investors, who plan to float their money in any business, be it public or private, are always skeptical about the returns they would get by the end of their financial indulgence. This is the reason why many of them refrain from offering a major amount to be on the safer side. On the contrary, the most interesting and exciting feature of the current bitcoin business is that it promises unbelievable profits for every individual. No matter what your education is in- from arts to science- if you have basic knowledge about how this trade works, you surely can mint ample amount of money without being at any risk of losing your initial investment.

Despite these clarities and knowledge, one is certainly bound to fall in fake traps and gradually loses. This is where Bitcoin trader comes into play. This team ensures that the investors are directed towards right investments that can yield them amazing profits without having to face any risk of drops. It understands the market first and then guides the people to make their capital flow in the business.

It’s a sign of great sensibility and professionalism if a potential investor approaches reliable Bitcoin trader first and then drafts an investment plan keeping all the current trends and constraints in mind.