Even though the mobile type of wallet is a very convenient and at the tip of your fingers type of storing Bitcoins, these provide very less security to the Bitcoins and anyone can hack it. Not only will the hacker wipe out your Bitcoins, but there are chances that you might lose the control over the wallet because by hacking they will be able to access your cell phone device after which any access to by you will be denied. In the android store, there are several wallet apps present for Bitcoins. Just like this app check this out. There was a ban on the Bitcoin wallet apps by Apple’s AppStore on February of the year 2014 however; they again removed the ban after few months.

Below is a list of apps along with the OS on which they work and their features

  • Airbitz: This app is available on Iphone’s iOS and Android mobile phones. It has features like 2-factor authentication just by one-touch, zero-knowledge and only one sign-on.
  • Bitcoin Wallet: This app is available on both iPhones and Android phones which include
  • a feature like, it will allow you to browse for any merchants who are selling Bitcoins within the areas close to you. It has a deterministic feature and does it in a hierarchical manner. The software that this app offers is an open source one.
  • Copay: This app is not only available for iOS and Android phones but also for windows mobile phones. This is also an open source type of software and allows to have more than one user therefore whenever there is any transaction to transfer money it is approved by the entire group.
  • Free wallet: This is present only in iOS and play store that offers cold storage which means the Bitcoins are stored when the phone is offline. The user can withdraw from the cryptocurrency at any point in time.
  • Jaxx: This is available on Android phones and iPhones. This also has cold storage facilities along and there is no necessity for verifying your account to access the app.
  • Mycelium: It is available on iOS and play store which also offers cold storage, is an open source software and similar to Bitcoin Wallet app it is also hierarchical deterministic.

Apart from the mobile type of wallets, there is web wallet which will allow accessing of funds for users from any type of device provided they are connected to the internet.