Don’t just rush into this!

Life is full of opportunities:

If you are looking at your folks and peers and then looking to compare yourself with them and find the negativity daunting, I recommend that you take a chill pill. There is nothing like you will not arrive at all if you haven’t yet!

In fact, I believe that in case you are successful earlier than your peers, there is a high chance that you burn out by the time it is actually the time to perform and shine. So, take in the right spirit boys!

So, I was called to present a paper on finance in the same university that I graduated from. The feeling was yet to sink as I walked up to the auditorium flanked by the professors who had once upon a time had bearing on me. These veterans were no lesser than greats in their respective field and I felt so small in their august company.

I had written a paper on the latest trend of online trading. There were a lot of things happening on this front. However, as I was approaching the dais, I suddenly thought about not doing the lecture in a conventional manner. I wanted to be different and make it an interactive session. I seek permission from the convener to know if something like this could be done and at the last minute.

Everything fell into place:

The convener affirmed and I was too happy to acknowledge his kindness. Well, the session was a big success and I chose to do a QProfit System Review for the students.

The students were very knowledgeable on the subject and they were also forthcoming with all questions and the little trivia that they knew but wanted clarification about.

So, to begin with, I gave a short introduction of how every other software that facilitates trading on them is a big risk unless there is evidence that it is not. To prove that any particular software is a legit or not is a herculean task and not something that can be established outright.

The session:

As the session progressed, we charted out the salient features of this particular software finally coming to the conclusion that this one was a confirmed fraud. The similarity between it and previous scams is so daunting that one cannot help but jump to the conclusion that it is one of the older scams with a change of clothes and accessorizing!

The session concluded with one of the students summarizing the whole lecture for all of us and a scrumptious snack and high tea! Thank you Alma mater for inviting me over, it was one time in my life I really felt proud to go back to my past!!