An Introduction To Binary Options Trading

Binary options is a popular trading method. While there are some who argue about the risks there are some who reap benefits from the large returns that this offers. This is a trading method that is pretty easy to understand. So it is one of the most preferred options for beginners in trading. Binary options is very much different from the way conventional trading is done. There are no stringent time slots to be followed. This can also be chosen to be done on short term ranging from 30seconds.

Types of binary options trading:

One of the most common types of binary options trading is the high-low trading that also goes by the name fixed return trading. Buying a call or put simply depends on the direction in which you believe the market would progress. There is a set expiry time for this type of trading. So you would be able to choose a period according to your convenience. The concept here is that you would be watching and analyzing the market. You would then predict the direction and if price is on the correct side at the expiry time then you win. The win would yield you fixed returns. Even the progress has been very little you would be paid a fixed sum. But with conventional trading, the direction alone would not be enough. You would only win as much as the market progresses. If you buy a call, you would win when the price is above the strike price and when you buy a put you win when the price is below the strike price. The current price is often taken as the strike price in most markets.

One touch binary option is where you set a target. If the price touches the target at least once before expiry, you win. Targets can be chosen above or below the current price based on the direction of the market. Range binary options is where the trader would set a range. If the price falls within that range at the expiry time, then it is a win. There are several more types of binary options trading. Choose the right broker to get the best returns. But another easy way to do it is to choose binary options trading bots and software like Millionaire Blueprint. But is Millionaire Blueprint a scam like some say? No, there are many who have made great profits using it.