Is your retirement ready?

The clock is ticking and you are moving towards your unproductive years or years with no active income. Are you ready?

With the stress-filled of the present generation, several individuals are looking to retire even before they touch 60. There are several people who look at retirement from work between 40 and 50 and to pursue their hobbies without compromising on their lifestyle and comforts. Do you think you are there?

Yes, that is why people invest in bonds, equities, real estate, bullion etc. Nowadays with the advent of the automated trading systems like the CryptoCFD Trader, everyone can hope to make quick money and a significant amount that too. You must quell your doubts if you are asking “Is Crypto CFD Trader a scam” before proceeding. Though there are several scams there is genuine software that helps you to trade decently.

Besides investments, you must look at savings as a means of a secure future.

In an ideal situation if you enter work at the age of 22 and have diligently saved 55% after tax deductions you must be able to support yourself for 20 years whether you retire at 40 or 60. This is, of course, assuming your lifestyle remains the same.

The most important principle of living a debt-free life is to save more when you work so you don’t have to work when you retire to meet your expenses. Thus, the more percentage you save the more you will have for the future. On an average, if you save 50% of your income after tax each year you basically accumulate the income equivalent to the number of years of work. Therefore, if you work for 20 years you will have 20 years of retirement savings. In contrast, if you save only 10% each year then you need 10 years to see you through one year after retirement.

Of course, you must factor the expenses of your children which include college tuition fees and their other expenses when you plan your retirement and savings.

So, the key things that one who wants to have a safe retirement must focus on are getting a college education which will ensure that they land up a job that pays enough to be saved. There is no need to lead an ostentatious life beyond your means. If you can lead a disciplined life and keep your expenditures to the minimum you are looking towards a secure future with enough money to lead a comfortable life.