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UPDATE: Twitter unveils its anti abuse tools

The US Presidential election saw a new low on social media as the amount of hate laced tweets increased. It doesn’t help that the President Donald Trump Himself is a prolific tweeter has enlivened Twitter with his tone and style of tweets. Probably that is a promising sign to the otherwise dwindling growth of twitter. The difference will be like changing cheap headphones for good ones – check this sennheiser game one review to see what I mean.

The online platform has become a very unsafe place with frequent incidents of abuse and bullying. The recent spate of abuse on twitter of two young ladies has left a bad taste in the mouths of the Twitterati. People are aghast at the double standards of Twitter in handling these cases. Twitter’s reputation is at stake and this is what prompted the owners to take action.

Twitter’s rules on abuse

According to Twitter’s rules, any tweet using language that is intimidating, promoting hate based on religion, race, gender and sexual orientation is considered to be abusive and the account is suspended.

But Twitter states that it will take action only when the abused alerts twitter about the wrong tweet. It has been observed that twitter reacts only when a high profile account is subject to abuse.

Existing measures against abuse

The block button which gives the user to block any user whose tweets they don’t want to see. Previously even if they blocked, the tweet could be found on the user’s timeline if a friend re-tweeted it.

Twitter will freeze an account only temporarily. To unlock an account the abuser will have to verify his phone number and delete all the offensive tweets previously made.

The changes promised by twitter

To combat the increasing abuse on its platform Twitter has come up with anti abuse tools. Vice President Ed Ho stated that hence forth Twitter will focus on maintaining the safety of the platform and will do all that is necessary to stop harassment and abuse of users by other users.

The three key changes are:

  • To stop the creation of accounts those are abusive in nature.
  • Delete tweets which are sensitive in nature even from muted and blocked accounts.
  • Monitoring all tweet replies and collapsing tweets in poor taste with a hint of abuse. These promises do not mean that the tweets will disappear altogether, it just means that the user can decide whether to see or not.

As an additional measure, the Mute tool has been expanded; this gives the users a right to block words and phrases they deem offensive and do not want to see notifications about.

Training of twitter support team

Twitter has also assured its users that it will re-train all the support staff about the new code of conduct and policies towards abuse. In the meanwhile, it will improve its internal tools to identify and deal effectively with tweets that are abusive and hateful in nature.

Future of twitter

The language used on twitter is increasingly crude and offensive. The platform is not making money and brands and advertisers are not finding it attractive anymore. Will twitter tweet chirpily after the introduction of these new anti abuse tools?

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