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Have you ever imagined how life would be without the internet, a smartphone, a washing machine or even the humble personal computer? Today, it is hard to imagine life without all these innovations that have become must-haves. This is especially true for the digital generation who has seen these things right from their childhood. If you don’t believe how further we’ve gone see the best gaming mice 2017. But for another generation of adults, digital technology is what they have seen transforming the world into a better place.

Here is a list of some great inventions and innovations that have changed the very functioning of the world.


One of the best things to have happened is the internet. Thanks to this technology, sharing and accessing information through the wide network of computers is more than a reality. Our lives revolve around the internet. Without this, there is no faster communication channel, no entertainment and last but not the least shopping! Online shopping and e-commerce have rapidly developed because of the access to theinternet, by a wide range of people. Small businesses and big businesses have online shops that cater to the various needs of people.


A phone is now no longer a device that just receives and makes phone calls. The smartphone has revolutionized the way a phone operates. It has now replaced the address book, the alarm clock, the messenger, at times the music system and the video player, camera and innumerable other things.

A single smartphone can do the job of many other devices. And this is one invention that is really hard to replace. Our lives completely revolve around this gadget called the smartphone. And we do tend to feel handicapped when this doesn’t work!

Computers and other related hardware

The personal computer, the tablet, and the iPad, along with the other essential hardware are something that we cannot even think of living without. The humble personal computer has always been there to help us at the time of need, with the many assignments and project works.

These devices are also the place where smart video games are downloaded and played. This entertainment factor simply cannot be done away with. With many gaming apps especially being created for iPad, tablets and even the Windows versions for the personal computers, entertainment has reached a different level.

Fridge, Microwave Oven, and the Washing Machine

These are something that everyone has taken for granted. But without these utilitarian machines, life wouldn’t be the same. Without a fridge, there is no cold water and vegetables and fruits cannot be stored.

The microwave and the washing machine are other such devices that we depend on completely on a day to day basis.

Cable / Satellite Television

An entertaining factor, the television is one thing that is present in every household. Be it to be up-to-date with the latest news, or just to watch that thriller movie or having some family time with family shows, the television is hard to replace.

Technology can never be taken for granted. Our lives are dependent on it and revolve completely over these beautiful innovations.

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