Getting To Know About The Most Essential Computer Hardware

Technology makes our lives easier and we depend on it to a very large extent. It has changed our lives in various aspects such as our lifestyle, our ways of communication, how we travel etc. One of the most widely used devices today is a computer and it is used by almost everyone. Having the best headset is not really essential but see thisĀ corsair void review – isn’t it cool?

While most people may be comfortable and well versed with the use of computers, they might not have much knowledge about how a computer works internally. Every computer is made up of hardware and software and today we look at the most essential computer hardware that you must know about.

What is hardware?

Hardware is defined as those components of the computer that you can see and touch. They are the components that make up the computer and they are required for the computer to function.

Some of the most essential computer hardware:


This is the framework that connects all the components together such as the hard drive, the processor, memory etc. While some would like to describe it as a skeleton of the system, some others would call it the heart of the device.

The motherboard is responsible for collecting information and power and then distributing them to the right place. It allows all the other components to be connected to each other.

Most computers and even some laptops have motherboards that are expandable. This means that it allows you to replace a component as long as the new component is compatible with the motherboard. Thus it determines what components can be installed on the device.


The microprocessor is also called as a Central Processing Unit or CPU. If the motherboard is the heart, then the CPU is the brain of the device. It is the not the biggest component but it is certainly the most powerful and the most expensive one.

Computer programs that are stored in the memory of the computer contain instructions and it is the job of the CPU to carry them out. Its speed is measured in MHz and it indicates how fast the processor is. It is advisable to choose a CPU chip that is best suited to your needs and gives you good speed and high performance.


Random Access Memory or RAM is a type of memory that does not store data always. The memory resets when you switch off the computer. The memory is used so that the data can be stored temporarily. The CPU processes this data and it is sent back or used in the execution of the proper functions.

Hard drive:

The temporary data that is stored in the RAM is erased when the computer is switched off while the hard drive is used for storing everything else. The hard drive is the place where the programs and files are stored.

The traditional hard drives are called Hard Disk Drives (HDD) in which the data is stored in a series of magnetized disks. The new types of hard drives that are used today are called Solid-state Drives (SSD) in which data is stored in electrical circuits.


The case that makes sure all the components fit inside it perfectly is called the casing. It is important to buy the right case for the motherboard, as they are motherboard specific.

We hope that this information helped you know and understand about some of the hardware components of a computer and how they work.