Why are smartphones slowly taking the place of personal computers?

There was a time when bringing one computer to every house itself was a dream. We almost lived that dream and have outgrown it – now everyone can afford even the best gaming desk for ensuring their comfort in front of the screen. Computers have penetrated our daily life to an unimaginable extent. When you grab your morning coffee there is a computer at the billing desk. When you sit to work, you sit in front of your workstation. You stop at the retail store, there is a computer again. There is hardly any business that survives fully without computers.

When that is the case, can you imagine something taking the place of this powerful device? Yes! Enter – Smartphones. They were once introduced to be “phones” to help long distance communication simple. But now they are much more than that. They are not just communication devices- they can compute, store data, help complete online financial transactions. Help make online purchases and alot more! Sound familiar? These palm-sized smartphones do everything that once we were surprised at how such a small desktop computer could do!

Reasons why people use their smartphones and tablets as the primary computing devices:

Smaller hardware:

For today’s world where a majority of the population is always on-the-go, having something portable, something compact, something that can fit in the pocket is an attractive option. Laptops were introduced mainly because of the portability they offer. But still, a decent configuration laptop would weigh a good few pounds. Shrinking the hardware of the laptops and computers, we now have smartphones and tablets. You can stash your smartphone or tablet in your bag or your pocket and these are much lighter than the laptops.

Large screen options available:

For those who still prefer working on a large screen, there are large screen smartphones and tablets available. This gives the feel of working on a computer monitor or laptop on a much compacter device. Also, thelarge screen offers better movie and video viewing experience.

Make voice calls:

While the smartphone can do all that a computer can do it can also do something extra. It allows you to use a sim of your choice, choose a service provider of your choice to make voice calls. You do not have to rely on external network connectivity options to make a call like you would with a desktop PC.

All the cool apps and games:

With computers, there areseveral software to make a lot of your work easy. But these are shrouded by the sheer abundance of the number of mobile apps available. You have an app for everything. Right from tracking your expenses, to making your grocery lists, doing your online shopping, managing your email, all these and more can be done with smartphones. The best part is that all these can be done on the go with fewer clicks and swipes.

It has all the new technology:

Talk about artificial intelligence, chatbots, wearable technology, all of these come integrated into many smartphones. And tapping the potential of the smartphone’s hardware, incorporating all the advanced technology, one can do much more with a smartphone.

If you are looking for a computing device that stays with you all day long then smartphones are your best bet. Unlock your phone with your fingerprint or your voice command, set up several such security options to make your phone and data secure. And not to forget, the awesome camera that the smartphones come packed with. These are some of the reason that make smartphones the primary computing device for many.