How to choose an effective antivirus?

The internet is a bad place to be in without protection of any kind. Danger is lurking around every website; malware, phishing attempts, ransom ware, DDoS, Trojans are all waiting to attack you. Having the best hardware like a top-notch graphics card or the best gaming keyboard 2017 is not enough to be a computer user. Hackers are getting smarter and are devising means to get to everything that you hold dear. Is there no respite from this onslaught of malevolence on the internet?

The knight in shining armor

There are several anti-virus software in the market that claim to offer all-round protection from your internet woes. But how will you know which of these really mean business and which are plain useless? Not all antivirus software offers the same support and protection. Any antivirus that has the key features stated below will be your knight in shining armor – the one that will wage war against the ever scheming forces of internet villains.

Key features of an antivirus software

Real-time monitoring

All anti-virus programs claim to detect malware and viruses but there is a difference in how they do it. A good program will monitor the system constantly when you are online to detect the miscreants instantly and deal with them appropriately. This way you can protect your computer all the time and there is no fear of any damage. The below par antivirus programs do their job only when you manually initiate it- not an effective method with the present day malware.

Fast and up-to-date auto updates

Your antivirus must be able to auto update and be prepared for the ever changing form of malwares, worms, Trojans and viruses. You cannot keep buying new software for every new virus in the market; a good and effective program automatically updates without you having to do anything manually.

Protects your email, browsers extensions and other apps

The most common casualty is the email followed by the browser. It is really easy to send malicious URLs and diseased attachments to your inbox. An effective antivirus program will scan all incoming and outgoing email for viruses and other perpetrators. Some even quarantine or block a suspicious sender.

Your web browser is another vulnerable component of the system. Most often browsers are hijacked by hackers who include an embedded code on the browser to steal all your banking information. This attack causes irreversible and permanent damage to the operating system in some cases.

Must auto clean

What is the point of detecting a malware and keeping it still on your system? Your antivirus must not only scan the malware but also delete it automatically and not wait for you to do it manually.

Block script

Your computer uses java script, Active X and VBS to perform various functions and to access certain segments on a website. Alerting this script with malicious codes is very common. Hence your antivirus must be able to detect suspicious script and stop the script from performing.

Must be able to fight all internet threats

Most of the antivirus programs on the market target only one kind of malware or worms. But you need something that can wage war on a mixed group of Trojans, worms, spy ware, phishing and even root kit.