The re-defining life moment!

I knew that it was not my day:

There was a grapevine that the company was changing hands and the new management was not too keen on maintaining old staff and even before I could figure out that was definitely not one of the people to stay board, I had started scouting for jobs.

The internet is full of jobs only when you don’t want them!

Since I was still in a position, I knew that I had a little time to be able to choose the right kind of preoccupation. It was fortunately quite early and I was in no desperation to find just about any job that came my way.

But this thing I realized and that is when I was not looking for jobs, my mails were always overflowing from offers from various job sites but the moment I logged in and checked them out for myself, I found them to be really lacking any sheen at all.

I always wanted to trade:

Okay, I must also confess that I was much bored with working for anyone. I wanted to start off independently. I had thought about trading in my college days or perhaps start a business with a bank loan. I realized that this may be God’s way of telling me to follow my heart.

I picked up my guns:

I checked out a few sites and all said that online trading was something. I checked it out and it perfectly fitted my bill. The problem was that I was not able o single out which trading platform I must opt for.

It was a dilemma!

Indeed. And I found myself reading up on every software till I came to one called the Ethereum Code and I was impressed in the first instance itself. The pitch on their homepage was awe inspiring. I signed up on a pilot basis and soon was learning the ropes.

The initial deposit evaporated soon:

I take it as the learning curve. A lot of people who lose money on trading tend to blindly blame the software without realizing that this is a high-risk venture. If you have to win some you will also lose some. It is a matter of luck and consistency. You cannot blame the software for swallowing your money if you are hard at luck or anything!

A lot of people have since asked me, “is it a scam!” and I categorically tell them No, it is not, definitely not, signing off!!