Types of investment segments

Types of investment segments

Investment is nothing but the depositing some fund in some business to yield more and more profits. The investors should be capable of accepting both the incomes and the expenses. Because the business will fall or rise depending on the demands of the market. So, the investors should not feel down for the losses. The investment is also a source of getting profits in life. There are many types of segments available in investment. Let us take a look at those types below. Most of the people think that savings and the investment are similar. But that is not the true fact, the investment and saving are different from each other. Saving is the process of accumulating the fund and investment is making the fund secured.

Investment is broadly classified into two types.

  1. Traditional
  2. Alternative

Traditional investment:

When an investment is made in a financial product which is very familiar and well known. These investments include real estate, shares, and bonds.


A bond is something like an asset which is issued by the borrower to the lender. Bonds are the best investment to earn more profit by the public and private sector people as the bank will not lend the bond. The bonds will be sold to the public in the market for more amount and the lender will pay the amount to the seller of the bond. An interest will be given to the investors by the lender of the bond. Bonds are very safe to invest since the bonds generally fall below the debt category.


Stocks are the shares which will be issued to the public people by the company. Stocks are an important avenue for the investment. The return profit from the stock is always higher than the other investment tools. Stocks is divided into two types.

  1. Common stocks
  2. Preferred stocks

Saving scheme:

Saving is the best thing to live peacefully and happily. There are now many saving schemes available in the market like Employee provident fund, Sukanya samriddhi scheme, and national pension scheme. All saving schemes are usually established by the government for the welfare of the people.

Employee provident fund:

Employee provident fund is almost going on in many government and private companies. Some percentage of the amount of the basic pay is deducted from the employees and the same percentage of the amount will be given by the company for the employees.

National pension scheme:

Pension scheme was introduced mainly for the government employees and once they retire, they will get the pension amount on a regular monthly basis.


Thus conclude that investment is the best way to keep the fund in a safe and secure manner. So, the investors can also use some software for helping them how to invest and get more profit.