Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Did you feel you were on a roller coaster ride when bitcoin price skyrocket and reached a record high of 20,000 before crashing to around 11,000 and once again reaching high? How many times during this period did you wish you had more bitcoins than you did. There are several automated binary options trading systems like the Bitcoin Code, click here to know more that have been lapped up by people who wanted to get their hands on more bitcoins and ride the tide.  In this mind-boggling scenario have you ever thought of how much the creator of this mega cryptocurrency must have made? In fact, do you even know who created this volatile digital currency that has taken the world by storm?

What the world knows

A google search on who the creator of bitcoin will throw up the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese man born in 1975 as the father of BTC. Going by the blockchain ledger one comes to know that this creator still holds 980,000 coins making him one of the richest man around; riches that have grown superlatively in a period of less than a month. But what the common man doesn’t know is the Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym and the real creator is a mystery.

Detectives on the trail of this mystery man landed on the doorstep of a 64-year-old computer engineer in California who denied all knowledge of cryptocurrency. The mystery surrounding the mysterious Nakamoto just got deeper.


Who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto

Forbes journalist Greenberg narrowed the trail to Hal Finney a computer scientist living close to the erstwhile mentioned Nakamoto in California. Hal Finney is battling a terminal disease and did not hesitate to deny the fact that he was not Satoshi. Two others who were considered to be the mysterious Satoshi but in reality where not were Nick Szabo a scientist who wrote a paper on Bit gold in 1998 or Wei Dai the creator of B-Money. With the trail running cold, the identity of Satoshi remained undisclosed and lost its importance.

The trail begins in Australia

Suddenly in 2015 Gizmodo and Wired published a story which claimed that Crag Wright an Australian Academic was the creator of bitcoin. In fact, Craig accepted that he was the elusive creator of bitcoin and the world accepted this until Reddit site called his claim false. Security researcher Dan Kaminsky and Gregory Maxwell a leading developer rebuked these claims and called them a scam.

For now, for the common man, Satoshi Nakamoto is the faceless creator of the most powerful cryptocurrency ever to have graced the financial world. The search for the elusive inventor is still on.